California Capital Buidling

Legislative Updates

In an ever-changing political climate, it is important as forensic science practitioners, leaders, and managers to be informed in the laws and legislation proposals being passed though both our own state and federal legislation chambers.

As news and updates are published regarding laws that affect the forensic sciences, we will ensure to post them here with details on any impactful changes, amendments, or updates.

WPSS Group

WPSS represents the California Association of Crime Lab Directors before the Governor’s Office, California State Legislature, and state agencies. With decades of experience, we effectively educate and advocate on legislation, budget matters, and regulations in a broad spectrum of policy areas, with a focus on law enforcement and criminal justice. Members of our team have worked as staff at every level relevant to a bill’s path from introduction to arrival on the Governor’s desk, allowing us to provide unparalleled first-hand knowledge and expertise.

More specifically, we assist CACLD with the introduction and approval of sponsored legislation, navigation of the state budget process, providing letters of support or opposition on legislative matters, testifying at legislative committee hearings, setting up and appearing at meetings with key individuals and organizations, coordinating communications on priority issues, and tracking and analyzing relevant legislation.

To learn more about WPSS and the services they offer, please visit their website at

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